BioPartnering's Decision Analytics helps you tap the very brightest people inside and outside your organisation to help you make better decisions

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Re-engineering the flow of intelligence that underpins your decision-making

For nearly two decades Silico has been a leading provider of surveys, polls and feedback tools that enabled business development, alliance management and research teams in the biopharmaceutical sector to make better decisions. Over that period we have been at the forefront of developments in way that organisations collect intelligence from partners and other organisations.

Rethinking the survey process

Traditional surveys have an important part to play in the decision-making processes for most biopharmaceutical organisations. But we also know that, in many circumstances, surveys have significant drawbacks that blunts their usefulness for effective decision-making. Surveys are, by necessity, 'lagging' indicators. They can be cumbersome to get up and running and it can take weeks or months for the survey to be completed and for the results to be collated, by which time circumstances may have fundamentally changed.

Even with branched questions, surveys are relatively inflexible in terms of responding in real time to the feedback from respondents. They can be time-consuming for respondents to complete. With the drift towards mobile combined with increasingly shorter attention spans, which are measured in seconds, rather than minutes this can present significant challenges in terms of getting sufficient levels of high quality feedback. It is time to rethink the survey process.

The Decision Analytics platform

The BioPartnering Decision Analytics platform deconstructs the traditional survey model to create a new paradigm in getting real-time feedback to support decision-making by biopharmaceutical teams. The platform enables alliance management, business development, clinical research and teams in biopharmaceutical organisations to make better decisions by building engagement with employees, partners and other stakeholder groups. The platform allows those teams to foster authentic ongoing relationships with the people they need to connect with in less time and with less effort, offering highly targeted real-time feedback about the client's important decisions and questions.

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Our platform helps you make better decisions by giving you real-time feedback from the people inside and outside your organisation that matter

These are some of the companies in the sector that have used BioPartnering to help them make better decisions: Amgen, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Merck & Co, Merck, Novartis, Roche

How it works

The traditional survey model

A team that decides to conduct a survey sits down to write a set of scalar and textual questions based upon their understanding of the problem they are attempting to solve. The survey is usually hosted on a paid-for or free website and invitees are asked to participate by though an email with a link to a website. Frequently many of those invitees feel too time pressured at the point that they get the email to complete the survey. They may have to be sent two or three emails before they finally provide their feedback. This process is time-consuming and cumbersome. Importantly, the process is inflexible. For example it can't respond effectively to changes in context, circumstances, developments and the ongoing feedback from participants. Personalising a survey to individual respondents can be difficult.

BioPartnering's Decision Analytics platform creates a new-paradigm in real-time ongoing engagement

The client’s goal is broken down into an initial series of questions that are sent to participants by email, text, social media or by phone. Questions can be tailored exactly to each specific recipient as can the method of interacting with them. The questions can be triggered by a particular decision-point or event, for example immediately before or after a meeting. The feedback is collated by Silico and shared with the client immediately. Once the feedback has been discussed, follow-up questions can be devised and sent to the participants creating a series of ongoing one-on-one conversations.

Because the respondent is only asked one question at a time,the process is quick and can be completed anywhere: even walking along the street! The platform is ideal for always busy, on-the-move and time-pressured executives in the sector. As the participants respond to individual questions over weeks and months a detailed profile of their attitudes and opinions is built up.

The process is completely managed by Silico in order to ensure confidentiality, where needed. Because we manage the platform for you you don’t need to invest capital buying software or large periods of time coming to grips with new technology that may, or may not, match the changing needs of your business.

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